PSU Research Findings

PSU Research Findings

Published Journal Articles:

1. International Perspectives of Contemporary Migration, Urbanisation and Development in Asia Pacific and Across the Pacific

2. Recent Trends in Transnational Population Inflows into Malaysia: Policy, Issues and Challenges

3. Emerging Patterns of Indonesia’s International Migration

4. The Changing Dynamics of ASEAN International Migration

5. Immigration to the United States: Recent Trends and Future Prospects

6. Urbanisation and Growth of Metropolitan Centres in Malaysia

7. Urbanisation and Development in South-east Asia

8. Inter-state Migration and Socio-demographic Changes in Malaysia

9. Family Support and Loneliness among Older Persons in Multiethnic Malaysia

10. Determinants of Life Satisfaction in Asia

11. Ethnic and Gender Differentials in Non-Communicable Diseases and Self-Rated Health in Malaysia

12. Gender Imbalance in Educational Attainment and Labour Market Dynamics: Evidence from Malaysia

13. Socio-Economic and Proximate Determinants of Fertility in the Philippines

14. Ethnicity and Support for Parents in Malaysia

15. Correlates of and Barriers to the Utilization of Health Services for Delivery in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa


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