• Population Studies Unit
  • laisl@um.edu.my

The primary objectives of PSU are to promote research and training on population and population-related issues, and to network researchers in the field of demography and population studies. More specifically, the functions of PSU are:

(1) To provide facilities for research and consultancy and to organize seminars and short-term training programmes in population-related areas;
(2) To serve as a coordinating and/or supervisory agency for projects in population-related areas;
(3) To act as a centre for discussion and activity on population-related issues;
(4) To collate reliable information and statistics and to initiate and maintain a population information centre and a data bank within the FEA;
(5) To publish and disseminate research findings related to population studies both nationally and internationally;
(6) To provide up-to-date information on population related research;
(7) To assist and encourage members to develop and upgrade population courses; and
(8) To perform such other functions as may be approved from time to time by the FEA.

Last Update: 02/11/2022